Located at Highway 71 East & Spur 191, Spicewood, TX

Fitness to Function, Personal Training Studio

9410A Highway 71 East (Green Door)

Spicewood, TX 78669


Phone: 512-644-9855

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What We Are

Fitness to Function, LLC (“FTF”) is a Private Personal Training Studio and IS the alternative to the “big-box” gym environment.


FTF focuses on the more “personal” side of fitness and provides a welcoming, safe, comfortable environment to work with your Certified Personal Trainer.

Classes - Join our Strength & Core Classes instructed by Personal Trainers for a full-body exercise session.

No reason to be intimidated here!

Who We Are

Certified Personal Trainers possess the knowledge and skills to prescribe safe and effective exercise and fitness program design, instruction and assistance for the purpose of reaching your health and fitness goals.

A Certified Personal Trainer will assess your current fitness levels whether you need to “start at the very beginning” or “pick-up where you left off.”  Your program design is geared specifically for you at your level.

Become More Fit to Function!

Move with Intention!

Benefits Any Age Group